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My Story and What I Do

As a professional life and performance coach in Nashville, TN, I specialize in helping people overcome obstacles in their personal and professional lives and achieve their goals. Whether you are struggling personally or professionally, I can help you create positive and permanent changes in your life so you can start living the life you desire.

As a maternal health advocate, my goal is to support women and their partners through all things related to childbirth, pre- and post-delivery. My goal is to bring awareness to the proper care that is required during the mother's time at the hospital as well as her health during her pregnancy and after. The goal is for mom and baby to have the full experience that they desire. Only pivot when it is a health concern. Being a birth doula and working on lactation and postpartum will allow me to be well-rounded and supportive from beginning to end with each family. I look forward to working with you!


The Founder

SiveT Empowerment is pleased to introduce Founder and CEO Tevis N. Haynie of Nashville, TN. She was born in Alamogordo, New Mexico, and raised in Bowling Green, Ky. Tevis has always had a deep desire to help, empower, train, teach, and coach others through effective communication and through action.

She has experienced a lot of life events, including highs and lows, accomplishments, and failures, but through it all she remained true to her continued growth in herself, her education, and most importantly her spirituality.

Being a single mother to a soon-to-be 16-year-old daughter (Avah) her desire for her daughter is to always be confident and love herself no matter what, understanding that knowledge is power.

Tevis is a focused, enthusiastic, highly experienced professional educator with a demonstrated history and proven ability to build confidence, create systems, empower, and find practical resolutions to support all personality types. Tevis has over 20 years of experience in education.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, along with two master’s degrees, one from Capella University in Human Behaviors and Services and the second from Lipscomb University in Organizational Leadership, where she received two certifications. One in Performance Coaching and the other in Global Leadership. She also minored in Biology.

In the spring of 1997, Tevis joined Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority, where she is still an active alumni member. Tevis currently serves as the At Large Member of the local NAAEYC, a mentor for the TN Educators of Color Fellowship, an At Large Member for the Child Care Licensing Board of Review, and a representative for the Star Quality Advisory Council Representative of Child Care Centers of Middle Tennessee.

Tevis has also spoken at Tennessee State University and Nashville State to students who are pursuing degrees in Early childhood Education. Tevis believes that she will always be a woman who thrives by empowering and supporting others. Being able to speak, coach, consult, and train those who are parenting, teaching, and building safe schools for our children now and in the future is what having a growth mindset and moving forward look like to her. Communicating, supporting, and giving of herself and her time unconditionally is what gives her joy.

Believing that knowledge is power. Tevis often says that “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” -Malcolm X 
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Who Am I?

I am a woman who thrives on empowering and supporting others. I am a Christian, Non-judgmental, and a lifelong learner. I am trustworthy, intentional about peace, a good listener, positive, loyal, and truthful.

Sivet Empowerment provides knowledge about all things early childhood education and maternal health. Sivet does this by providing motivational speaking, performance business and life coaching, consulting, and training to all those who are interested in the Early Child Care and Maternal Health worlds. Sivet believes that helping children have strong social-emotional confidence is the tool that will lead them to be effective students and also effective adults. We know and understand the impact that early education has on children’s lives and the importance of early intervention for children who need it. It is very important to equip owners and directors with the confidence, tools, and systems to keep their programs running smoothly, not just temporarily but for as long as they desire their programs to run. Sivet also believes that supporting women during their childbearing years, pre- and post-pregnancy, and, of course, during pregnancy, will equip them with the tools and confidence they need during their pregnancy and birth journey.  
My vision is to be able to help owners, directors, educators, and parents see things from a much clearer perspective. To help them piece together what is already in them. To help bring out their heart's desire that has been etched inside of them.

I am here to be a servant, to help those who love children, and to guide them to be great! In doing the work that I do, I feel like I will be a part of changing the world, one family, one program, and one child at a time. #Forwardmoving

To empower all to be confident in their ability to empower others. To cultivate the minds of people to be more business-focused, driven, and aware of their health. Supporting them by helping them develop the tools that are needed to develop their purpose and understand the importance of education and health.


To have a highly successful Coaching, Consulting, and Maternal Health firm that is a leader in empowerment, growth mindset, leadership development, and organizational development.
🗸 We believe in the importance of communication
🗸  We believe in the importance of self expression
🗸 We believe in the importance of social emotional healing
🗸 We believe in the importance of maternal health
🗸 We believe in empowering everyone
🗸 We believe in advocacy
🗸 We believe in developing leaders
🗸 We believe in serving 15 + partners a month

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a life coach?
A life coach is someone who counsels and encourages clients through personal or career challenges. A life coach helps clients reach their ultimate goals. It is a process of making a positive change in your life with the help and guidance of an experienced individual such as myself. To start, we will focus on the aspects of your life in which you need guidance. Along the way, we help you define your goals and give you a strategy for obtaining them.

What are some of the benefits of coaching?
Having a coach can help you overcome obstacles, make difficult decisions, improve your outlook on life, relieve stress, and achieve your goals. It also provides a safe space to go and talk through sensitive issues.

Does it really work?
Yes, coaching does work, but like everything else, it depends on how much effort you put in. Coaching is a very strong tool for an individual who genuinely wants change, but the client has to want the support and be willing to hold themselves accountable for it to work. 

Is it worth the investment?
Yes, coaching is worth the investment. Most individuals will see the benefits of a life coach almost immediately. This is especially true when you set clear goals and expectations with your coach from the beginning, so you can immediately start working towards achieving those goals.

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