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What is a doula:

A doula is a woman of service. A birth professional who assists women physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually in preparation for and during labor. I am trained in comfort and relaxation techniques to assist you with your labor. I assist at home, birth centers, and hospitals. A doula helps with pre- and post-delivery.

What is the role of a doula:

As your doula, I work for you (the mother and your partner), not your care provider or hospital. I will accompany you in labor to help ensure a satisfying and empowering birth experience by providing physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational support. I will support your decision and your partner within the limits of my expertise.

As a doula I am committed to helping you navigate this transformative journey with confidence, comfort, and reassurance. 

I understand that pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period are significant life events filled with a wide range of emotions and unique challenges. That's why we are here to provide compassionate and personalized support to expectant parents like you.
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What services does Grace & Love provide?

1. Prenatal Support:
During the prenatal period, our doulas will work closely with you and your partner to ensure you have the information, resources, and emotional support you need.

Our doulas are knowledgeable about various birthing methods and can help you explore your choices.

  • Begin meeting as early as 12 weeks.
  • Free prenatal consultation

 - I will provide two-three prenatal preparation sessions at your home or another meeting place. 

 - Prenatal visits- to meet the care provider (if that is in the client’s preference) at least (2) one around 20-32 weeks (5-8 months) and the other around 34-36 weeks (8-9 months) but open to more as needed.

 - Photography

 - Babysitter if birth is at home.

2. Labor and Birth Support:
When it comes time for your baby's arrival, our doulas will be by your side, providing continuous support throughout labor and birth. We offer comfort measures such as massage, breathing techniques, and position changes to help manage pain and promote a positive birth experience.

Our doulas will advocate for your preferences, communicate with the medical team, and provide a calm presence during this momentous occasion.

 - Back-up Doula:
  • If a backup doula is needed during your labor, the second doula of my team will attend the birth as the backup.
  • This part is still being developed.

3. Postpartum Care:
The postpartum period can bring its own set of challenges, and our doulas are here to assist you during this transition. We offer emotional support, practical guidance, and evidence-based information to help you navigate breastfeeding, newborn care, and self-care.

Our doulas can also provide referrals to community resources and connect you with local support networks.

 - Cesarean Birth:

I do attend cesarean births and will provide support through that process, for as long as the hospital allows it. If you are having a scheduled cesarean birth, I will arrive soon after you are checked in to prepare you mentally and emotionally for the surgery.

I can provide massage and deep breathing exercises to prepare and answer any questions or help you get the answers you need. If the hospital allows an extra person (I do have my OR Certification), I will be in the operating room with you and your partner.

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4. Education and Information:
In addition to hands-on support, our doulas are well-versed in maternal health as a whole. We offer educational sessions, both individually and in group settings, covering a wide range of topics related to pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum care, and all things maternal health. We strive to empower you with knowledge, allowing you to make informed decisions that align with your values and desires so you can be confident to advocate for yourself no matter the setting.

5. Emotional Support:
Bringing a new life into the world can be an emotional journey. Our doulas are trained to provide non-judgmental and empathetic emotional support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. We are here to listen, validate your feelings, and help you process any emotions that arise during this transformative time.
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